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At Diamante, Pacific Journeys offers professionally guided experiences to the Diamante private cavern located behind the stunning Diamante Falls, the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica. We offer day and overnight experiences with optional rappelling and canyoning packages. All experiences are led by local rescue certified, bilingual professional guides with extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna.

Our family and team are dedicated to your safety as well as the preservation and protection of this sacred land and what we believe is one of the greatest and most sacred natural wonders of Costa Rica. We are family-owned and operated and can’t wait to host your group on this one-of-a-kind adventure!

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With 4 destinations on your journey, the adventure is beautifully split up with an organic garden tour serving as the first big stop just an hour from base camp. The Cave acts as the second stop for those who may want less of a challenging hike while the rest of the group can head to the largest pool above the cave first.  The Cave acts as your home base, as well as your playground and relaxation station, located behind the most powerful waterfall on the tour.

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Next, go to the 600-foot fall located below the cave where you will enjoy to a most spectacular lookout. The trail, while steep, is professionally maintained with steps most of the way and takes you directly through the cloud forest with amazing wildlife and a mystical atmosphere that cannot be put into words. In all, the trail covers over 3 Kilometers and approximately 800 meters of elevation literally taking you through and above the clouds.